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About Everyday Extreme

Everyday Extreme is founded by Jared and Chris, just two punks with a love of cars. For many years we've want to find a way to share our passion with the world in a way that let's others share their passion just the same. We've kicked around a lot of different ideas and finally, in 2017, we launch this website. 

Everyday Extreme is kinda like an online car show, but doesn't require your car to be show worthy... yet. It's a dedicated corner of the web to show off your vehicle, if all of it's glory, no matter what.

For your car, truck, or motorcycle... ah, heck, for any vehicle of any kind you put your passion into everyday. It can be an antique with a collection of trophies or half torn apart and being restored. It can be a street mod muscle car or a numbers matching classic. Off-road monsters, sport compact crazy, or built chopper. We welcome all gear heads and novices alike. Whether you’re into sub-woofers and amps, horsepower and burnt rubber, or pristine, don’t-touch-my-paint masterpieces – Everyday Extreme has a spot saved just for you to share with the rest of us. Whether it's a work in progress, a weekend warrior, or a daily driver - if you're proud of it and want to share it you're welcomed here!  Just as long as it’s not your dad’s boring sedan or mother’s saggy minivan.

It's easy to get started and it's always free. Go here  --->  Join Everyday Extreme  <--- to get started and you'll automatically be a featured vehicle for a while.

Tell us who you are, but more importantly, tell us about your ride. If you're short on words, that's okay, but the more the better.

Share!  Help us grow by sharing your page with your friends on facebook, twitter, and whatever other social media mania you enjoy.

Update us whenever you want! Just email us at . Soon enough we'll make it so you can update your pages yourself. 



savvygentsThis site would not be made possible without the skills, understanding and patience of the guys at Savvy Gents web design, especially Derrick! They understood our vision as well as we did and made our plans come alive better than we hoped. They gave this site more responsive web design than we thought of and went the extra mile to make sure everything looked as great as can be on multiple mobile devices as well as desktop versions.




Everyday Extreme!  Your car or truck, your way.