Shelby's 88 Formula Fiero

I was 17 and needed a car that was mine. So I got this 1988 Fiero Formula for $4000 dollars with junky paint, barely running and problems EVERYWHERE. Suspension was completely shot and everything. So the first thing we did (we being my dad and I) was the suspension and get it road worthy and ever since then I'vw been replacing and restoring things, piece by piece; new suspension, new sound system, custom exhaust, all new ignition system, all new fuel system, all new brakes and rotors and calipers, fresh paint, a short shift kit, wheels... I have a love for the JDM scene a bit too so I added some datsun fender flares. As for the jet, haha, I went to space campe when I was 8 and then 10 years later I got a job there so I went back and took a pic in front of the jet where I had my picture taken when I was 8. Since I got the car, I've invested another 5-7k into it. It will hopefully be getting a 3.4 push rod swap and turbo in the future and a full widebody kit.

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